24 Feb 2022

New VM Money Express location for May Pen

VM Money Transfer Services opened its sixth VM Money Express location at 40 Main Street, May Pen, Clarendon offering thousands of people from the parish and nearby areas greater convenience in accessing remittance and money exchange services. 

The location was officially opened during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by VM executives and civic leaders on Thursday February 24, 2022.

Michael Howard, CEO of VM Money Transfer Services, said the new location answers a call from the May Pen community for the VM Group to have an even stronger presence in the community. VM Money Transfer Services is the remittance arm of the VM Group. VM Building Society already operates a very popular branch in May Pen.

“The community needed a remittance facility that offers comfort, convenience, safety, security and a consistent availability of cash. We recognised that these were the needs of our customers and believe this will result in a significantly improved experience as they do business with us,” he said.

Courtney Campbell, President & CEO of VM Group, said the occasion was part of the entity’s drive to transform lives, by expanding its reach and impact in the community. 

He said VM has developed a strong bond with May Pen and other Clarendon communities and moved purposefully towards providing greater access and life-enhancing services to the area.

“We thank the people of May Pen and other parts of Clarendon for your trust and loyalty over the years. VM is here for you always. Our efforts to empower you with the best financial products and services, as well as life-changing financial education, are sincere. When we say we are here to help you ‘Transform Your Everyday’, we mean it and we will work with you to achieve your goals,” he said.

Also in attendance at the opening ceremony were Aldo Brown, Past President of the Lay Magistrates Association; and Loxley Tulloch, Pastor, Race Course Circuit if Seventh-Day Adventists.



Clover Moore


Assistant Vice President Group Corporate Affairs & Communications