30 Jul 2021

VM Money Transfer Services Hands Over $2M In Month End Promotion

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Savanna-la-mar furniture maker, Randy Martin, was the lucky grand prize winner of $1 million in the VM Money Transfer Services (VMTS) Month End promotion, which also saw two second place winners walking away with $500,000 each.

The VMTS Month End promotion ran from April 6 to June 25, and saw customers being automatically entered into the promotion once they collect remittances through VMTS partners: Moneygram, XOOM, RIA, NCS eMoney, World Remit or Choice Remittance in cash or digitally.

Following the acceptance of a symbolic cheque at a handover ceremony held at the VM Money Express Shop in Savanna-la-mar recently, Martin said he is very thankful for his prize, adding that it will be useful in helping him to expand his cabinet making business.

” The day before getting the call, I was saying it would be nice to win a million dollars right now. I am so happy this dream came true”.  

Keneise Keise and Devon Robinson were second place winners in the promotion.

Michael Howard, VMTS CEO, said the Month End promotion reflects the entity’s commitment to giving back to its loyal customers who advise their loved ones to select VMTS as the payout entity for their transfers. He said the month-end period was selected for the give back as this can sometimes be a financially restrictive time for some, due to varying demands.

He added that the remittance arm of the VM Group is “committed to the financial wellness of our customers and it is truly heart-warming to know that this prize will make a meaningful difference to these winners”.

“Since the start of 2021, we have been focusing on not just giving back, but also on how we can make it easier for our customers to collect their remittances,” Howard shared, noting that its direct-to-bank service allows customers access to transfers in their bank accounts. VMTS has also added an additional international remittance partner, Remitly, in March 2021, which has led to an increase in direct transfer of remittances.  

VMTS’ Direct to Bank service, through collaboration with several remittance partners, offers customers easy access to funds, allowing them to make ATM withdrawals, shop online or to make purchases using a point-of-sale facility. In 2020, VMTS saw over 100 per cent increase in Direct to Bank transactions.

Howard further shared that VMTS has invested in an automated system with remittance partner Xoom, which credits customers bank account in as little as 10 minutes of the transaction arriving in the system.


Clover Moore


Assistant Vice President Group Corporate Affairs & Communications