Credit Cards – The Four-One-One

Credit Cards – The Four-One-One

Apparently, some plastics are okay- it’s okay for those seeking financial convenience; or the ones looking to supplement their income with a revolving loan; then there are those who need a convenient way to carry their money around; and others who just want to stop a gap. In whichever of those ways, plastic can truly be fantastic…well the one-dimensional ones that fuses our money into a single card- a credit card.
Getting your first credit card can take some adjusting, which means that it’s absolutely important to understand all related details. Transforming your financial life also includes building good credit, and one way to get there is by helping you to be a responsible credit card user…So, here’s the four-one-one on credit cards.


It will either make or break your credit: It had to be said! This really depends on how you use your credit card. Maxing out your credit card can be bad if you are unable to pay in full and on time… late payments are also bad. Paying in full is good…and staying below your credit limit…that’s also good.

Check out all the fees before you apply: Businesses issuing credit cards usually divulge information on terms like interest rates, late fees, transaction fees, service and penalty fees. Pay attention to those details before applying and make sure it’s an offer that matches your current financial condition.

You can easily dodge some fees: Avoid cash advances as these generally attract higher interest rates and cash advance fees. Also, late fees can be avoided by paying on time. Note that with many credit card products, you’re only charged interest if you don’t pay your full bill each month. Which segues to our next point…

Pay up your full balance: Paying in full each month means that there’ll be no interest charges on your balance.

Stay below the limit: Going too close to your credit card limit can cause dents in your credit. So, to keep your credit score looking good, avoid exceeding your credit limit as this will attract overlimit fees.

And here’s the best part about all of this, it’s possible to get access to a VM Visa Gold and VM Visa Platinum credit card that offer competitive fees and interest rates, thanks to the VM Building Society.

All you have to do is click the link below to apply!

We will guide you home.

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