VM Scholarships – Giving Students a Head-Start

We’re so pleased to begin our new blog on such an incredible note! The 2013 Victoria Mutual Head-Start Scholarship programme has awarded deserving and inspiring student-savers with scholarships, bursaries and grants for over 27 years. With each year we touched by more and more heartfelt stories of discipline, dedication and triumph over adversity. Thirty-nine primary, secondary and tertiary students from across the island were presented with awards by members of the VM team and the Hon. Julian J. Robinson, Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining. An outstanding teacher in her 3rd year of tertiary studies in education was also awarded with a VMBS Teacher’s Bursary to assist the completion of her course. As VM President and CEO, Richard Powell said in his speech, “Victoria Mutual understands and believes in the transformative power of education.” We consider it to be a true honour and privilege to contribute to education in Jamaica and the upliftment of our children.

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