In Celebration of You

In 1989 Alpha Financial Services was established by Victoria Mutual, and by 1994 it was listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, then in 2002 Alpha was renamed VM Wealth Management. Now, 21 years after our Stock Exchange listing, and four new locations later, we celebrate the brilliant team and fantastic clients who have made our investment firm what it is today.

Over the last two decades VM Wealth has helped our clients move forward in their financial lives, and demonstrated leadership in times of financial instability, with innovative advice that has made the most of opportunities. And we look forward to building on this legacy, as well as that of our parent company.

This year we commemorated our 21st anniversary with a church service, a few festivities, and some good fun at the Port Antonio International Marlin tourney in Portland. But ultimately the best part of each anniversary is our celebration of you! It’s been our privilege to help the people we serve move from just working for their money to having their money work for them. It’s been a source of pride watching you live fuller todays and brighter tomorrows.

For us, Wealth Management has always been about you. So we’ve sought out the best economists and analysts, studied the markets, sharpened our insights, and led developments in customised securities and lending solutions. We’ve connected financiers to organisations in need of funds, managed bond portfolios that now fund happy retirements, and created portfolios that give investors access to international markets. We’ve supported ideas, and helped grow businesses and industries – most recently with the IPO on Westmoreland-based Sweet River Abattoir and Agro-park.

There are some common myths about investing, and the most pernicious among them is that investments are just for old, rich folk – yes, we’ve heard you say it, so we’re talking to you straight. Investments are indeed for the mature and the affluent, AND, investments are for the young and modest, it’s also for everyone in between. Once you’ve saved for emergencies (remember your rainy-day fund ought to be 3-6 months of your income), think about how much you can afford to put away for the long term, so for example if you earn $50,000 a month, 10% of your income could go to $60,000 in investments each year. And if you earn $5,000,000 a month there’s asset management for you too. There’s an investment product or mix out there for everyone – no matter your risk tolerance or your income – and whether you’re investing for yourself or a business. What matters is that you invest with people who understand the responsibility they have to you, your family, your work and your legacy – and that’s what we’re about.

Why should our anniversary matter to you? Because it means 21 years of growth, of missions accomplished, and most importantly years of helping people from every walk of life on their journey to Financial Independence, and it means a strong foundation to help you on yours.

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