Mr. Michael Howard

Chief Executive Officer, VMBS Money Transfer Services Limited

Michael Howard is Chief Executive Officer of VM Money Transfer Services Limited and has been driving the business to unprecedented growth and success since October 2013 when he was appointed to the role.

Michael is highly regarded in the local financial services industry for his exceptional interpersonal, analytical and leadership skills, assets he has put to work as an Executive Leader of the iconic VM Group, and the expansive and diverse group of people who patronise the business.

As CEO, Michael is focused on leading the energetic VMBS Money Transfer Services team as they expand the business’ distribution network, develop and enhance products and services, and position the business as a market leader and first choice among money-transfer clients globally.

In his role as an Executive Leader of the VM Group at the Vice President level, Michael is charged with helping to steer the organisation towards its bold ambitions. He is an active member of the VM Executive Risk Management Committee and the VM Digital Transformation Committee, as well as multiple critical, business-driving Steering Committees.

Before he joined the VM Group, Michael had developed a strong reputation and valuable skills in the areas of remittance operations, customer relationship management, business strategy and decision support, having held senior posts at major organisations including the GraceKennedy Group.

Michael earned an MBA (General Management) from the University of Technology as well as a BSc (Business Administration) from the University College of the Caribbean. He also possesses various professional certificates in the areas of Project Management, Implementing and Managing Project Process Change, and Business Process Management. Michael is a Justice of the Peace, a member of the Jamaica Diaspora Conference Committee, an Executive of the Jamaica Money Remittance Association (JMRA), and Vice President of the Jamaica House Basic School PTA.

A firm believer that everyone, regardless of social class or background should have equal opportunities to achieve financial wellbeing, Michael continues to work tirelessly to increase inclusion and foster greater financial wellness among his team and the customers he serves.

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