Prime/PSOJ 8th Annual Pension Seminar


It’s amazing how time flies, it feels like last year’s Pension Forum was just the other day! It’s the same way time whooshes by as we go about our day-to-day, so focused on surviving the now that we forget to be grateful for the time we have. We even forget how important it is to plan for tomorrow.

We make hundreds of financial decisions every day – from how much credit to put on our phones, to whether to take a taxi or bus, what to have for lunch, or where to spend happy-hour. Yet when it comes to the most important decisions – what our priorities are, how much we need to save, and how to prep for retirement – we put it off ’til tomorrow… and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Changing the Outcome: Bridging the Pension Gap

This year’s Pension Seminar, hosted by Prime Asset Management and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), is themed Changing the Outcome: Bridging the Pension Gap. On this, our 8th Annual Seminar, we’ll try to get to the bottom of Jamaica’s low participation in pensions and the meagre contributions to our National Insurance Scheme (NIS). We’ll look at similar challenges and successful solutions across the globe and explore how our minds might be unwittingly sabotaging our drive to save.

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We’ve uploaded PDFs from this year’s presentations so you can pre-read, or follow along during the seminar. They’ll also be there as a resource for you after the seminar.

Dennis Chung, CEO of PSOJ, starts off this year’s presentations with Pensions & Economic Performance, about the link between savings and pensions, and social and economic stability. As well as the role of proper governance of government pensions.

Danny Roberts, Head of the Hugh Lawson Shearer Trade Union Education Institute, presents A View From Labour  a discussion of strategies and challenges found in the effort to increase workforce participation in pension plans and the roles of unions, employers and the government.

Keynote Speaker, Kelly Peters CEO, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at BEworks, explores the theory of the Nudge! and the outcomes and challenges of behavioural-economics-based pension solutions across the globe.

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