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So, you’re a tertiary-level student about to take on the rigours of study in a whole new school year. This, plus the other demands of life including family and friends are perhaps the most pressing concerns you have right now. That’s cool, and you’ll get through all of it like a champ. Don’t forget, though, that you should also be taking steps now to secure a financially sound future. Small moves made today can lead to big payoffs by the time you graduate. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

What’s Your Goal?

Do you dream of being able to afford your tuition, or repay your student loan with ease? How about ditching public transportation for affordable housing that’s close to campus? And, wouldn’t it be nice to eat something other than cup noodles for dinner? We feel you.

Start Saving Now

Making the decision to save today is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make to protect your future. Saving today paves the way for comfortable repayment of your student loan, home ownership, a secure family life, a comfortable retirement, and your other goals as you strive for future happiness and success.

Having savings means you:

  • Are able to afford the things you want, like textbooks, a new bed for your off-campus flat, a car or a house
  • Have cash in an emergency
  • Are able to retire in comfort
  • Don’t have to depend on others
  • Feel good, especially if saving is a major sacrifice

There’s a VM Product to Help You Save

Whatever your savings goal is, there’s a VM Product that can help you get there.        


Saving towards your goals is easy with the VM iSave account, as it helps you develop a consistent saving pattern.

  • Minimum monthly deposit is JMD$1,000.00, US$50, CDN$50 and (pound sign)20
  • Ability to choose your monthly deposit
  • Above average interest rates on savings
  • Flexibility to save in the choice of JMD$, US$, CDN$ and UK Pound Sterling.
  • Consistent saving towards your short – medium term goals
  • Savings secured by Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation (JDIC). Conditions apply.
  • Safe, reliable saving in a solid institution


This is a Certificate of Deposit (Fixed Deposit) account which provides highly competitive rates on lump sums.

  • Choose your maturity period (30 days, 90 days, 180 days or 365 days)
  • Minimum investment is JMD$10,000, US$1,000, CDN$1,000 and 1,000 Pound Sterling
  • Highly competitive interest rates on JMD$, US$, CDN$ or UK Pound Sterling
  • Flexibility to save in the currency of choice
  • Interest paid at maturity
  • Flexibility to periodically add to your deposit
  • Savings are secured by JDIC

Don’t Delay!

You’re taking all your classes, submitting assignments on time, developing good study habits, heeding the advice of your professors and making a deliberate attempt to achieve success in your tertiary life. Achieving Financial Independence is pretty much the same thing. With the right tools, focus, commitment and, of course, our support as your expert financial partner, you can accomplish your financial objectives.

We’ve only mentioned a couple of our products here that can help you grow your savings. We’ve got so much more to share. Give us a call at 876-754-8627. And, for additional savings tools, calculators and worksheets, please visit 

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