Season’s Greetings VM Family!


Another holiday season has begun and, for many of us, so begins the annual effort to deck the halls, plan our dinner menus, make it through our gift shopping list and survive the increased traffic. The holidays have, in many ways become about the hustle and bustle, so this year your Victoria Mutual family invites you to slow down a bit. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa (or all of the above) at this time of the year, we all have stories of joy and renewal that make it special. Just in this room, our team is sharing memories of dancing to carols with dad around the tree, warm hard-dough bread with butter and cocoa-tea on the veranda in the December breeze, waiting with anticipation to score the batter left in the bowl after grandma finishes mixing the fruitcake, volunteering to serve dinner at the church hall, and 12 days of ham and ham and ham sandwiches.

Our stories may be different but they are really one, spanning all faiths and uniting us as Jamaicans. They are the stories of togetherness and generosity.

What will your story be this holiday? Will it be about spending time with loved ones? About service to your neighbours? It could be anything really, that is the real gift of the season, that there exists a time when we can forget our troubles for a while, and remember that a new year approaches, and with it new opportunities to become the best versions of ourselves. This holiday can be about opening our hearts, being grateful for the little things and using our gifts to bring happiness to others.

Victoria Mutual has just celebrated 135 years of service and it has been an incredible opportunity to reflect on who we are – a family. The Victoria Mutual story is our Members’ stories, they have kept us motivated and strengthened our spirit of service to make us the institution we are today and we think that’s the magic in the Mutual. This holiday, we plan to do our very best by our members so you can do your best for your family, friends and community. And this year we ask you to include YOU on your gift list, take some time out to imagine what you would like for your future – you can come by and share it with us if you’d like, we’ll be glad to help you achieve it in whatever way we can. But this isn’t about getting you to come by and make a financial plan with us, we ask you to do this because no matter how busy you get this holiday we want you to remember you are a priority.

Have a happy and healthy holiday VM family. And remember that if we are willing to discover it, we’ll find that there is a bit of magic once the lights start twinkling, lights that shine like beacons of hope that have and will always guide us through times good and bad.

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