Victoria Mutual’s 2013 Future Plan Scholars


VMBS Future Plan “Head-Start” Scholarship is one of many Victoria Mutual scholarships offered annually. It is awarded to three tertiary student-savers who have achieved exemplary academic success and played an active role in their communities. The 2013 Future Plan scholarship, which has a three year tenure, was awarded to Li Tau Thompson, Looana White, and Jevon Henry, in support their local tertiary education. We had a quick chat with our awardees after the Scholarships and Awards Presentation Ceremony about some of the lessons they’ve learned along the way, here’s a few snippets.

Li Tau

Q: What would the Li Tau of today say to the Li Tau of 10 years ago?

A: Congratulations! For keeping the vision of becoming a medical doctor open to yourself.

Q: What do you say to yourself as you continue in pursuit of your vision?

A: There are obstacles along the way, but remember your goal, stay true to your vision, and don’t allow those obstacles to get in the way. You WILL become a medical doctor!


Q: Who are your role models?

A:  For one, my mother, because throughout the years, she’s worked so hard for me that it inspired to work to work harder. And Ben Carson, who was at time teased in school and thought not to be smart; he overcame to become a successful doctor.

Q: As a role model yourself, what you see as your role?

A: A lot of people, perhaps, as a result of their situation, think that they can’t be successful. My role is to show them that no matter their challenges or background… YES YOU CAN!


Q: How have you overcome the challenges you’ve faced so far?

A: By staying occupied […] keeping busy kept me motivated.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A: Researching Economics, both locally and overseas. I’m currently studying Banking and Finance, Economics is next. Because it is closely linked to development, contributing to economic development inevitably leads to contributing to national development.

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