Guiding you towards achieving Financial Well-being

VM has a special financial education programme that guides our tertiary students along their journey to achieving their financial goals. Come join the FETE and celebrate as you achieve your goals!

Celebrate Financial Well-being

Here are some benefits of becoming a VM FETE Youth Ambassador.

Engage with Experts

Not just another Ambassador Programme. With VM Fete, you get valuable insight and support from our financial experts on taking the best path to achieving your goals.

Earn While You Learn

VM Fete guarantees growth not only in your mind, but in your pocket. With our exclusive monthly stipend, we never take our Ambassadors for granted.

Network With Us

Expand your network as an Ambassador, you are inducted into the VM family. Our Executive Leaders will coach you on the approaches needed to become your best self.

Putting The Fun In Funds

We have developed a youth ambassador component to our VM FETE programme which targets you, our tertiary students. What is the VM FETE Youth Ambassador programme? It is your new community. We help you to gain the tools needed to enhance your financial management skills while offering you an opportunity to network, and become the leader you were meant to be. As an Ambassador, you will be that support system for your peers along the path to achieving financial well-being. Recruiting for the VM FETE Youth Ambassador programme takes place in January each year.

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Expected Outcomes

At the end of this 4-week module on achieving financial well-being, participants should be able to:

Understand key financial principles including saving, investing, and managing debt.

Create a personal financial plan.

Understand the process of Home Ownership and acquiring personal loans.

Our Financial Education Curriculum

We take a strategic approach to your learning. With our financial education curriculum, we provide a detailed breakdown and understanding of all the areas in your life in which you need to grow financially.

Meet our 2022 to 2023
VM Fete Youth Ambassadors

Jheddalie Wilkie


Aashanta Martin


Kadesha Spencer


Javoy Henry


Sammarieo Brown


Damario Patterson


Daniel Allison


Dorrianna Levy


David Thomas


Anthony Smith


Roshane Hydol


Ajay Richards


Suen Chang


Here are some tools that increase your financial knowledge, which will guide to you to achieve financial success.

Tertiary Students' Workbook

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