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VM Group Awarded by the United Way of Jamaica

Victoria Mutual Group was recognized by the United Way of Jamaica (UNJ) for its support, and donations made to the organization. The awards were presented at the United Way of Jamaica’s 30th Anniversary Awards Gala, and its Nation Builders Awards and Employee Awards Ceremony held on September 5 and 22, respectively.

At the Awards Gala the Group received a plaque for its 30 years of support of the organization, while it was triple the treat at the Nation Builders’ and Employee Awards Ceremony. VMBS received a Jupiter Award in the Nation Builders’ Award Category for donations over $10m, made towards UNJ  efforts. Marion Lewis, Manager of our Member Engagement Centre, received an individual award, and Victoria Mutual Wealth Management, the investment arm of the VM Group, received a Bronze Award.

The United Way of Jamaica’s main goal is “to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good.”

Victoria Mutual’s corporate affairs donations are done through United Way of Jamaica because its goal fits our ethos of Mutuality in so many ways. We’re more than happy to have partnered with this brilliant organisation over the years to help Jamaicans achieve their full potential through education, financial stability and healthy living. And hope to continue our efforts to help our families, neighbours and communities achieve both financial and economic independence. 

Here are some highlights from both awards:

UWJ 30th Anniversary Awards Gala 2015

Nation Builders’ and Employee Awards Ceremony

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