Unit Trust

Product Overview

VM Wealth Unit Trust is an investment vehicle which is used to gain exposure to a multiple of investment strategies and assets including fixed income, equities and real estate or a combination of these. Additionally, a unit trust is a form of collective investment.

Product Details

Target Groups
  • Emerging HNW
  • Affluent
  • Mass Affluent
  • Corporate & Institutional
  • US$ or J$
  • Tax-free gains (conditions apply)
  • No encashment fees
  • 1% management fee
  • Returns vary
  • Allows investors to take advantage of investment opportunities in a wide variety of instruments which would not normally be available to them as individual investors.
  • Diversified investment portfolio ideal for medium to long term financial planning
  • High liquidity giving investors easy access to their monies when required.
  • Potentially higher returns compared to Repo Investments and Deposit Accounts
  • An experienced team of Professional Fund Managers provides expert management of the Unit Trust Portfolios
  • Minimum Investment Amounts
    • US$500: Bonds Funds I, II, III, Innovation & International Equity Funds
    • J$50,000: Bond Fund IV & Property Fund
    • J$10,000: Equity & Money Market Funds

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Unit Trust

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