Victoria Gift

Product Overview

Victoria G.I.F.T (Victoria Group Interest Funds Transfer) is a savings account that offers a structure way of contributing to a charity or social cause, whether on a one-time basis, or at a regular interval. This account facilitates schools, churches and other charitable organizations to make contributions.

Product Details

Target Groups
  • Age range: 18 – 64 years
  • Gender: No restrictions on gender
  • Characteristics:
    • Charitable Institutions
    • Schools, churches and foundations
    • Employed persons, self-employed and small business entrepreneurs
  • Deposits are accepted in J$, UK£, US$ and CDN$
  • Withdrawals must be signed by authorised officers
Selling Points
  • An easy way to make meaningful and convenient contribution
  • Donations are secured
  • Interbank transfer
  • Payment can be made with any currency
  • Ability to set standing orders
  • Donations can be made on a one-time basis or at regular intervals

Victoria Gift

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