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President & CEO Richard Powell presents one of the 2013 VMBS Future Plan Head-Start Scholarship Awards to Looana White as State Minister, Hon. Julian J. Robinson looks on.
President & CEO Richard Powell presents one of the 2013 VMBS Future Plan Head-Start Scholarship Awards to Looana White as State Minister, Hon. Julian J. Robinson looks on.

Continuing on our tradition of nation-building through the development of youth and education, we  invite student savers to benefit from the VMBS 2014 ‘Head-Start’ Scholarships and Bursaries Programme. Applications are currently being accepted until Friday, July 18, 2014.

President and CEO of the Victoria Mutual Group, Richard K. Powell, emphasized the organization’s commitment to the programme. “As an institution, we believe a strong educational foundation is critical to national development. We are keenly aware of the importance of education in fostering effective leadership skills and creating a more productive workforce, which will ultimately have a positive impact on the nation’s economic prosperity,” says Powell.

Last year, VMBS disbursed over $3.5 million in bursaries and scholarships for new and returning students. A member of the 2013 judging panel noted that the scholarship programme gives VMBS the opportunity to assist many outstanding students. “I was so impressed with the academic performances of all the applicants. We often think of our youth as non-performing but this experience allowed me to realize that there are still positives in Jamaica,” says Leighton Smith, Chief Representative Officer, Victoria Mutual UK and member of last year’s judging panel. He adds, “I was moved by so many stories of resilience in the face of seeming insurmountable challenges. These young people were just beating the odds.”

Now in its 29th year, the VMBS Scholarship Programme continues to provide much-needed financing to students from primary to tertiary levels. Additionally, teachers who are members of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) may apply for a VMBS Bursary to pursue final year studies at a local tertiary institution.

For further information visit http://www.vmbs.com/community_youth_awards.php.

Application forms are also available from VMBS branch offices islandwide.


Primary Level – GSAT Bursary and Scholarship
At the primary level, VMBS student savers who are a part of the School Savers programme, may apply for the VMBS GSAT Bursary. Students, who sat the Grade Six Assessment Test (GSAT), and are the top performers at their school, may be awarded a bursary valued at $15,000 each. The primary level scholarship programme goes even further. The VMBS student saver, who is the overall top performing GSAT student in one of the three counties, will each benefit from a scholarship valued at $30,000 per annum, for five years. This is the VMBS Junior Plan Scholarship.

Secondary Level Scholarship
Three student savers who have completed their external examinations at the fifth and sixth form levels may benefit from the VMBS Future Plan Scholarship valued at $120,000 per annum for three or four years, to pursue their tertiary education. This will be determined by the length of their programme.

Tertiary Level Scholarship
At the tertiary level, VMBS savers may apply for the VMBS Master Plan Scholarship to pursue advanced studies. The scholarship is value at $150,000 and is provided during the final year of study.

Teachers Bursaries
JTA members, who are in their final year of study, may apply for a VMBS Bursary for Teachers, valued at $100,000.

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