We’ve Cut the Ribbon to Another VM Wealth Client Centre

We’re so proud to have opened another Victoria Mutual Wealth Management Client Centre, this time in the bustling Montego Bay Fairview Shopping Centre. The second VM Wealth Client Centre to have opened this year, this one offers the people of St James a modern and comfortable space to sit with our Wealth Advisors and really get down to business. It’s been an exciting year for us, as we continue to offer our clients more convenience and better access to the host of Victoria Mutual services that touch on every aspect of their financial lives.

There’s a VMBS ABM right outside, but our new Fairview Client Centre is a cash-free office, where our team will work closely with our Wealth Clients to do their stock and bond trading, and manage their portfolios as well as mortgage processing and other cashless VMBS transactions. “Victoria Mutual was founded on a philosophy of Member-centeredness, it inspires a passion within us. That passion — carefully balanced with strong corporate governance — drives the Group and VM Wealth to do exceptional work for each client,” said our Chairman, Michael McMorris, “As we continue to expand our footprint in Montego Bay, and rest of St James, we look forward to what’s to come.”

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