Why Your Financial Independence Matters to Us

Although financial independence can be defined in a thousand different ways, it boils down to controlling your finances, rather than your finances controlling you. Yes! We’ve heard your hopes of throwing your bills into the nearest river and your tales of dread at the checkout line. And no, we won’t tell you it’s going to be an easy journey. What we will say is that financial independence is an incredibly worthwhile goal, and one that’s doable with a good plan and dedication.

As your financial lives have gotten more complex, we have diversified to suit your needs. Today, the Victoria Mutual Group is well established, providing a suite of important services that you need to make the journey. Just as it was over a century ago, our success is measured by yours. Victoria Mutual Building Society, VMBS Money Transfer Services, VM Property Services, VM Wealth Management, Prime Asset Management and British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC), all work together to ensure that you have what you need to create wealth and secure it.

By its very nature, the mutuality in our DNA means what matters to you matters to us. Since 1878 we’ve been focused on improving the lives of the people we serve, and this heritage has given us the strength and stability to weather a range of economic climates. Over time we grew to provide a full suite of services designed to build Financial Independence for every Member of our family.

Over the years we’ve had the extraordinary fortune and responsibility of partnering with Jamaicans on their journeys. We’ve seen bright-eyed students come in to open their first accounts, and helped families organize — and reorganize — the way to their house keys. We’ve seen panic turn to relief on receipt of money transferred from overseas. We’ve wiped away the tears of Members overwhelmed by debt, or shaken by unexpected loss. And we’ve done the happy-dance with some who’ve paid off their mortgage, and others who’ve grown their portfolios.

Our experience helping each of you, and the work we’ve done to strengthen our local communities, have made one thing evident – our pursuits for ourselves, and the ones we love, are fuelled by a vision of achieving financial independence.

And we’ve been in the Financial Independence business from the start!

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