Your Financial Starter Pack: Vision Boarding and Goal Setting


Welcome to 2023, where just like the previous years, life is riddled with ebbs and flows and is flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen incidents. For many, this swift January welcome is perhaps a piercing reminder of just how rapidly the ticking hands of the clock are going by. This could very well be the signal to get to planning the financial outcomes you want to achieve for this year and beyond.
No pressure, because we have great news- we’re into the business of planning. To call bullseye on your financial goals at the end of this year, we’re adding some essentials to that starter pack, like goal setting and vision boarding.

Before We Pack
Before we decide on the elements that we’re adding to our financial starter pack there are some things that we must consider. Of course, we know that financial needs and objectives are unique to each person, but there are common threads.
• Start by determining the status of your current finances by assessing your income, savings, debts, expenses, and investments;
• Then take into consideration your financial needs and responsibilities;
• Ensure that your short, medium and long-term goals are practical enough;
• And always leave room to decide if your current financial plans are adequate.

Goal Setting as a Financial Starter Pack Essential
Our financial starter pack must include a goal setting agenda. This is really the plan of action we’re designing to take us towards attaining our goals. Our goals must be intentional, especially if we’re serious about attaining them. So, we’re looking at committing our actions and thoughts towards getting to that line of attainment. So, quick question, how deliberate are you about planning towards your retirement funds?
Here are some things that setting goals can help with:
• It will provide direction and purpose.
• It will help you to better organize your time and your resources.
• It will certainly help you create measurable objectives.
• It will provide some sort of accountability and is an ideal measuring stick.
• And it’s a great way to set prioritise!

Vision Boarding as a Financial Starter Pack Essential
As you work on your goal setting agenda think about designing a vision board, which is also an essential we’re adding to the financial starter pack. There remains this intricate link between laying out your visions or aspirations on a board and actualising the goals you really want for your life, and therein lies the importance of vision boarding. A vision board is basically a collection of things such as pictures or quotes that inspire your goal attainment desires, and it demonstrates what you’d want your future to look like.
More importantly, your vision boards should provoke a sense of urgency and determination to move towards reaching those goals. So, adding this to our starter pack is all about intentionally strategizing to achieve our dreams.
Our aim is to get to the point of goal attainment, whether that is getting the keys to your own home, planning that dream vacation, resuscitating the savings account or just closing the doors on our careers a little earlier than expected. So, as we head towards achieving a financially stable 2023 and a financially secured life, let’s do so with a solid financial starter pack.
For more help with your financial starter pack, let your first point of entry be the link below!

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