Mr. Michael A. McMorris


Mr. McMorris is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at VM and has held that office since 2011. He is Principal of the business management firm KRONOS Limited and works with local and international investors in the area of new venture development and strategic management.

Mr. McMorris has had a successful career in both the Private and Public sectors. He was previously an Executive Director of Jamaica Promotion Corporation (JAMPRO) and prior to that, held the post of CEO with Trafalgar Commercial Bank (now First Global) and Knutsford Capital Merchant Bank, which he helped found.

Mr. McMorris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Politics & Public Affairs from the University of Miami as well as advanced finance training from Citibank’s School of Banking where he started his career.

Currently, Mr. McMorris also serves as Chairman of VM Wealth Management Limited and VMBS Money Transfer Services Limited, 1st Vice President of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and Director of other commercial enterprises. Previously, Mr. McMorris has served President of the Merchant Bankers Association, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Airports Authority of Jamaica and a member of the Board of the National Exim Bank.

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