Digital Access Points

Banking Transactions Never More Convenient

Welcome to VM Group, where all dreams are worth pursuing

Financial well-being is for everyone, we’ll help you to build yours with the power of VM.


We know Accessibility and Convenience is the way forward. As such, we have created a digital access point where you can utilize digital devices to fully access our services and products.

Online Banking

We have condensed the face to face banking experience into a few easy steps and made it available to you online. Now our VM members can access and manage their funds as long as they have internet access and a registered account to our online portals.

Appointment Booking

Skip the line and schedule an appointment right here online. Get a specified date and time for your consultations so your local VM branch visits may become more efficient and productive.

Video Banking

Video Banking lets you talk to us face to face from your phone, tablet or computer. It’s simple to use and 100% secure as we verify your identity on the call before discussing your accounts and personal information – just as we would in person or over the phone.

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