11 Oct 2022

MoneyGram launches exclusive global partnership with VM Money Transfer Services

Customers receiving remittances from anywhere in the world through MoneyGram are now able to get the funds directly deposited to their bank accounts, thanks to a groundbreaking exclusive partnership with VM Money Transfer Services.

The direct-to-account service, MoneyGram’s first and only such partnership in the Jamaican market, was made official on October 6, 2022. 

Michael Howard, Chief Executive Officer of VM Money Transfer Services said that while the new service is undoubtedly a major win for the business, he was more excited about what it means for his customers. 

“MoneyGram’s launch of direct to account services as part of its partnership with VM Money Transfer Services is a significant win for our customers. We are the exclusive provider of this service in Jamaica, and that is a tremendous benefit for the people we serve,” he said.  

“My team has been unrelenting in our efforts to optimize convenience and service experience. We know time is precious and our customers deserve the best, hassle-free options when collecting their remittances. The move also signals MoneyGram’s confidence in VM Money Transfer Services. This exclusive partnership is only the beginning. We look forward to many great things coming from this new service and all that is to come in the future,” he added.


Clover Moore


Assistant Vice President Group Corporate Affairs & Communications