9 Dec 2022

VM Group ramps up financial literacy thrust with new virtual hub

The VM Group has launched its Financial Education Hub as part of a steady push to strengthen the financial literacy of Members and the wider population. The hub is housed on the VM website (myvmgroup.com) and provides accessible and relatable financial content covering savings, investments, home ownership, debt and credit management, retirement, among other topics.

“Financial education is very empowering, but the process can be daunting without the right source of information and the relevant context. So, we’ve launched the Financial Education Hub to meet people where they are, on their own terms. We’ve put together a dynamic mix of blogs, videos and podcasts and we’re excited for people to engage with and use the content to improve their financial wellbeing,” said Judith Forth-Blake, Chief Customer & Brand Officer – VM Group.

The launch of the hub also aligns with the National Financial Inclusion Strategy, which sets out the Government’s intention to build a comprehensive financial literacy programme in keeping with the pillar of Responsible Finance.

The VM Group, longtime champions of financial education because of the transformational role it plays in Members’ lives, is actively playing its role in helping to ensure that consumers of financial services are adequately educated, informed and protected. Along this vein, the hub forms part of VM FETE (Financial Education to Empower), the Group’s overarching financial education programme, which was launched in 2019. VM FETE also features the VM FETE Youth Ambassador Programme, the VM FETE for Corporate Jamaica, VM Wealth Talks webinars, VM Wealth Wise podcast and video series, blog articles, among other initiatives. The holistic and inclusive approach of VM FETE aims to provide the necessary support to help people make wise financial decisions to achieve their financial goals.

Forth-Blake believes VM FETE has helped to solidify the Group as a leader in financial education. She is particularly pleased about the impact of the Youth Ambassador Programme, and the favourable recognition it has received for three consecutive years.

“We’re very energised about the transformational possibilities of VM FETE and our roster of financial education activities and we’re very heartened by the interest in our Youth Ambassador Programme, which is creating solid pathways for more young people to improve how they think about and approach money management,” she said.


Clover Moore


Assistant Vice President Group Corporate Affairs & Communications